Why the CFC?

Woman shouting through a megaphone

The six reasons to give through the CFC

As a member of the federal community, you have some specific benefits in giving through this unique campaign.

Here are six reasons to give through the CFC:

1. The hard part is done. Thousands of charities are already vetted and approved for you to choose from.

2. It's so convenient. You can pledge via payroll deduction and spread your gift out over the course of the year.

3. You choose your favorites. You can even support multiple charities in one pledge.

4. It's easy to renew. The secure online giving platform makes it easy to renew your gift each year.

5. You can even volunteer. Don't limit your giving! Extend your impact by pledging volunteer hours.

6. We can have a BIG impact. Together we have a collective impact, supporting thousands of charities that depend on our generosity.