How the CFC Works

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How the CFC Works for DonorsHow the CFC Works for donors

1. Choose your cause.
Whether you care about youth development, military families, housing and shelter, or animal welfare - the CFC has a charity for any cause you want to support. You can even give to multiple charities with one pledge.

2. Make your pledge.
The online pledge portal allows you to easily renew your pledge each year and offers the full range of pledge options:

  • Payroll deduction
  • Credit/debit card
  • e-check
  • Volunteer hours 

Paper pledge forms are also available upon request.

3. Help is on the way!
Thanks to your generosity, your chosen charities will make a difference in your local community, across the nation, and around the world. 

How the CFC Works for campaign workers

1. Prepare for your role.
Learn about the CFC and your responsibilities as a campaign worker through training and resources. Choose your cause and make your pledge before encouraging others to give.

2. Inspire your colleagues.
Promote the campaign. Plan fun events, involve charities, use inspirational stories, and personally ask your colleagues to join you in giving. Make giving easy by assisting with online donations and paper pledge submissions.

3. Help is on the way!
Your efforts will bring help and hope to millions of people as monetary and volunteer pledges go to support the missions of thousands of participating charities.

How the CFC Works for charities

1. Apply to participate.
Be a part of the official workplace giving campaign for the federal community and gain access to millions of potential donors around the world through one online application. CFC donations provide a critical source of unrestricted funding throughout the year.

2. Engage the federal community.
Attend campaign events, promote your CFC number with your existing donor base, and share success stories and videos to inspire generosity. Make sure to thank donors and coordinate with those who pledged volunteer hours.

3. Make a difference.
Put the generosity of the federal community to work to provide help and hope to those who need it in your local community, across the nation, and around the world.