Cami's Story

A federal employee holding her hands up with illustrated power waves coming out of them

woman holding show some love circleI am an Air Force military retiree and a current federal civil service employee at the Department of Justice. The causes I care about are Domestic Violence and Mental Health Awareness. Both causes are serious social issues that have significant negative impacts on our communities and families with generational consequences.

My aunt was brutally murdered by her husband in a domestic violence situation. As a result of the tragedy, my mother suffered a severe mental health crisis and spent most of my childhood in mental health institutions. Over the years, she received treatment and services from many non-profit organizations like those participating in the CFC. I am so thankful for the heroes that ensure help is available for those who need it.

Supporting my causes through the CFC makes me feel empowered and strong. My giving helps individuals in domestic violence situations break the silence and seek safe options provided by many charitable organizations. My support allows me to be a brave voice for my mother and many others who are dealing with the realities of mental illness. Funding through the CFC can provide shelter, counseling, prevention, support, and many other services for domestic violence victims and those with mental health related concerns.

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