About Online Pledging


Northern Lights CFC Nexus Online Pledging


What It Is:

  1. 1.      For agencies that sign up, their employees can make their respective payroll deduction pledges through an online tool accessible from the Northern Lights CFC website (www.northernlightscfc.org).
  1. 2.      The online tool conforms to the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) E-Technology Guidelines and maintains the highest security for data.
  1. 3.      The pledging tool is linked to a searchable online charity database with the approved charities that have OPM-assigned 5-digit codes.
  1. 4.      It contains all the fields of the paper pledge form including the options to volunteer and to release one’s name and/or donation amount to charities.
  1. 5.      It is voluntary; employees who choose to use paper pledges may still do so.
How it Works:
  • 1.      Agency notifies PCFO of desire to participate and designates person(s) to be payroll contact.
    1. 2.      Employees that choose to participate access the tool via the Northern Lights website on the Internet. The employee:
      1. a.      registers to use tool;
      2. b.      logs into site as user;
      3. c.      follows online instructions (there are also Help Guides);
      4. d.      exercises options for volunteering in CFC, having name released for charity recognition.
    1. 3.      After pledge is completed:
      1. a.       Employee gets email notification with copy of pledge for his/her records.
      1. b.      Agency’s designated payroll contact makes copy to forward to agency’s payroll office. This copy should go with paper pledges to the payroll office at the end of the campaign or in accordance with the agency's practices.

    NOTE: Payroll offices have accepted the statement on the pledge that authorizes deductions. The wording is in conformance with that on the paper pledge form and is approved by OPM.

      1. c.       The PCFO (Community Shares of Minnesota) has access to the pledges for entry into the campaign accounting database.
    1. 4.      The CFC website maintains a real-time tally of online pledges by agency so that coordinators and employees can track how much has been raised in this manner.


    1. 1.      The tool eliminates math and coding errors for these pledges – a big savings in campaign management time. It is estimated that errors average about 20 minutes to resolve.
    1. 2.      The online tool use eliminates illegibility problems.
    1. 3.      The agency coordinator does not have to handle and account for these pledges, a savings in time for the coordinator.
    1. 4.      Because of the link to the online searchable charity list, the tool cuts down on need for printed booklets and a major expense of the CFC is reduced.
    1. 5.      An online evaluation by each user helps us to identify future improvements.