About Community Shares of Minnesota

Who We Are, and What We Do


Community Shares of Minnesota (formerly Community Solutions Fund) was founded in 1978. We conducted our first campaign for workplace contributions in 1980. In doing so, (and in believing that donors should be able to support the issues that are important to them), we pioneered the option to designate workplace contributions to specific nonprofit agencies. Since then, we’ve established a successful annual payroll deduction campaign that reaches over 200,000 employees, and results in payroll and other contributions up to $1,000,000. Through our workplace giving campaigns employees are given a number of options to designate their dollars. They can make one donation supporting all our member organizations, select individual member organizations, or even write in the name of their favorite Minnesota nonprofit organization. Consequently, over the course of the last 22 years, we’ve built a widespread reputation for efficiency, accountability, timeliness, and excellent customer service. Each year, we typically handle 13,000 to 15,000 workplace contributions while distributing funds to between 300 to 600 nonprofit agencies.

In addition to raising funds for our member organizations, we facilitate creating relationships among member organizations, provide leadership development, and offer technical support. We facilitate connecting member organizations and community businesses to encourage collaboration on volunteer projects and “cause” marketing.

Our member organizations actively unite communities and cultures, and challenge issues of social injustice. Together they change laws and hearts… and minds. Most notably, they do this critical work with limited resources, depending heavily on community support and volunteers. Our members focus their efforts in the areas of: advocacy for children and youth; senior concerns; disability, civil and human rights; women’s issues, dignity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people; peace and justice; community voice and civic engagement; health care; and access to housing, energy, and jobs.

Our great State of Minnesota has long been home to an enduring spirit of social change. The 42 organizations that make up the Community Shares of Minnesota are part of this long-standing tradition. They continue to create a legacy of progressive social policy, tolerance and widespread participation in democratic institutions.

Our Staffing:

We have experience and proficiency in competently managing, and accurately processing and distributing designated contributions to all nonprofit agencies participating in a given campaign. We offer a highly skilled and professional staff with specialized experience in workplace campaign management, campaign financial management, technological innovations, workplace giving marketing, and training development.

As Your Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO)

Our primary goal is to provide essential and top-notch managerial support to your Combined Federal Campaign. In doing so, we’ll be working closely with your Local Federal Combined Committee, Federal Executive Board, Community Liaisons (formerly called Loaned Executives) and Agency Coordinators to increase donor enthusiasm. We’ll do this in part by offering greater opportunities for direct contact with the participating CFC nonprofit agencies. Because of the great needs in our communities, we seek to increase the level of giving in the Twin Cities Area Combined Federal Campaign through this concerted teamwork. Our creative ideas and commitment are geared at increasing donor awareness while infusing strong and positive energy into your Combined Federal Campaign.