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Our Target: $1,000,000.00

Our donations are $183,670.00 or 18% of our goal of $1,000,000.00

Thank you for your help!

Thanks to you we’re at $183,670.00 or 18%

CFC Goal




You can now make your pledge online by clicking on the blue Pledge Online button (left) and choose from CFCNexus, Employee Express, or MyPay options. Links will take you to the pledging page for each.

We regret to announce that we will not be able to offer credit card  pledging as an option for the 2014 campaign.



Leaf Bag  Here is a great idea for your campaign: 8 leaf bags for $10 with the CFC logo. These are paper bags of sturdy construction and biodegradable -- even better!!
For each $10 set,
$7 goes to the charities in the campaign.

To order, contact your Agency CFC Coordinator or Wink Newcomb. Click on the image for the flyer to post in your agency.
(The bags do not have the contact information on them.)

Search for Charities:
For the most options when searching for charities, click on the button More Search Options. You can choose from the entire list of Universal Giving local charities by clicking the box next to that search option. By leaving it blank you can search on just the Northern Lights local charities.

You can also search by zip code by entering one in the zipcode box.


AT LAST!! The two MN Wild Fundraisers are

SOLD OUT:  Saturday, November 1, 2014, 7:00p  Dallas Stars


Saturday, December 27, 2014 with the Winnipeg Jets

The deadline for the Dallas game is short: October 24th, so use the order form to place your orders NOW! These are both popular games -- the Winnipeg game will make great holiday presents! And $5 of every ticket goes to the charities in the CFC.

PLEASE NOTE: THE CORRECT PRICE FOR SIDE SEATS FOR THE WINNIPEG GAME IS $89. Some early versions of the flyer had the incorrect price.



Agencies that use MyPay must enter their agency code when pledging online (see link at left under the poster). A short training slide presentation is available by clicking here.

Since the MyPay and Employee Express sessions are timed for 20-30 minutes only, it is better to use the Search Charities button at the left on this page to find charities, especially when searching for local charities outside the Northern Lights campaign area (universal giving), before beginning the online process through MyPay or Employee Express.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES - "Supporting the Community"
Want to go that extra mile?  Many of the charities in the CFC list volunteer opportunities on two websites:

St. Paul Parks also has some volunteer opportunities.
 Go to St. Paul Parks & Recreation for more information on how to volunteer.

Campaign Cookbook
The Campaign Cookbook sales have netted over $3000 for charities in the campaign -- the most successful campaign fundraiser ever! We are offering them at a reduced price of $5.00 -- and it all goes to charity!
Cookbooks can be ordered by contacting the campaign at
Funds raised will go to undesignated to be apportioned to charities in the campaign that receive designations.



You can access your CFC Nexus pledge by logging in and clicking on the menu item, My Pledges and Profile. You will be able to see all previous pledges.

You can try a demo of the system at; just click on the banner that says Demo. Since it is just a demo, the information goes nowhere.


Don't see a favorite charity on the list? Charities must apply annually to be included in the CFC Charity List. Let your favorite organization know about CFC and have them contact Wink Newcomb at or 651-647-6491


Donors who need a receipt for their cash or check donation to the 2013 CFC may get one by contacting the CFC office at 651-647-6491 or by contacting Wink Newcomb:

Donors who made payroll deductions do not need a receipt as their end-of-year earnings statement along with their pledge form provide sufficient documentation. The copy of your online donation details the charities designated.

2012 Northern Lights Annual Report is ready for viewing. Click on menu above.